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How much does it cost?

Description of work Cost Tell Me More
Consultation New patient £65 More >>
One Digital radiographs £12.50 More >>
Treatment of decay- Decay sterilisation with Healozone
First or Single Tooth only £45  
Each additional tooth, at the same session.
Cost per tooth
Maximum cost.
Whole mouth treatment.
Comprehensive , preventative sterilisation of all fissures with Healozone, including Laser “Diagnosis” and Home kit
Fissure sealing with Healozone and Fuji 7 Tell me more>>
Cost per tooth £89.50  
Maximum cost per session £265  
Placement of Fuji 7 seal, single tooth £65  
Each subsequent tooth, same session £65  
Colgate Duraphat Fluoride Mouth rinse Prescription  
Sensitive teeth
First and only tooth £45  
Each subsequent tooth £25  
Cracked tooth with sensitivity
Per Tooth £45  

Consultation New Patient

This includes:

  • Full Medical and Dental History with Diet Analysis
  • Full mouth Examination
  • Computerised Tooth Charting
  • Risk assessment for decay
  • Diagnosis* and Treatment Plan
  • Cost Estimate
*Diagnosis is only possible after "Diagnodent" readings and/or Digital x-rays, for which there is an additional charge.

Digital radiographs

The latest technology in X-rays reduces the x-ray dose by half. Messy chemicals are not used. Instead, the image is captured on a special plate which is “read” by a laser scanner and the image is stored directly into your computerised file.

The reduced dosage means that we can even use them on young children if necessary.

(We follow the national guidelines to reduce the need for excessive x-ray dosage)

Tell me more about digital radiographs >>

Scan with Laser DIAGNOdent

Diagnodent is a hand held laser that can detect the earliest signs of tooth decay. It is now possible to locate small lesions which may not be apparent to the human eye.

All fissures present on the different surfaces of each tooth is scanned using laser DIAGNOdent®. The readings are recorded and stored for future comparison.

Low readings indicate early decay. Healozone therapy has been shown to stop the progress of decay in 95%. Some "healing" and hardening has also been shown to occur (higher with some researchers).

It is also used to monitor the progress of treatment on subsequent visits

Tell me more about Diagnodent >>

  Remineralisation Kit

The re-mineralisation kit provides pharmaceutical grade Calcium and minerals that is necessary to help the cavity to re-harden after the bacteria in the cavity have been destroyed by the application of Healozone.

This is essential for the “healing” phase of the treatment.


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Decay Treatment

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