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Daily Mail article

Daily Mail article

Cold Sore Trial FAQs

There has been a lot of interest in the trial and we have attempted to answer some of your questions here.

What is the trial?
The trial is to gauge the success of Ozone therapy in the treatment of Cold sores (Herpes Labialis). More about Cold Sores here >>

Who is conducting the trial?
Dr Dipak Joshi, BDS, LDS, RCS, DGDP (UK.), a Dental Surgeon, is conducting the trial. Dr Joshi is a pathfinder Dentist for Healozone®, and was among the first General Dentists to use the machine in the world. More about Dr Joshi here >>

What are the aims of this research?
We have three aims:

  1. To assess if Ozone speeds up the healing process, and by how much.
  2. To assess whether the treatment reduces the recurrence of subsequent eruptions.
  3. To assess the patient experience of the treatment

Who will benefit from the trial?
The results of the trial will be shared with all medical communities.

Where is the trial held?
At our practice. Dental Clinique, in Balham, South West, London
Our address is 40, Balham High Road, London SW12 9AQ
Nearest Tube: Clapham South, Northern Line
Nearest Train: Balham
Please see map and directions here >>

I would like to participate, Am I eligible?
Any person who is suffering from COLD SORES is eligible. However since you will need to be accessible to our practice, this may not suit all people.

  • You will need to be accessible to our practice in Balham, SW London
  • You will need to attend at least twice, firstly for treatment and then for review (48 hours later)
  • Your Cold sore will need to be present at the time of treatment and not more than two days old
  • We would wish for you to have subsequent eruptions treated.
  • If these recurrences diminish, we would need for you to inform us.

Who is NOT eligible?

  • People who do not have an ACTIVE Cold Sore at the time of treatment
  • People who are NOT suffering from Cold sores
  • People suffering from Shingles or other conditions
  • People that have another underlying Medical conditions of which cold sores are a symptom.
  • People who live too far from the practice.

What do I do next?

  • Wait until you know that you are about to get an eruption. The “tingly” stage.
  • Ring our practice on 020 8675 7307 and state that you need to be seen for the “COLD SORE TRIAL”
  • We will endeavour to see you at 1.00 p.m. or 5.00 p.m. onwards, that same day
  • If we are completely booked or Dr. D. Joshi is not available on the day, we would request that you contact us again.

What is involved?
Upon attendance, we will request that you fill in three forms:

  1. A registration form and questionnaire before commencing
  2. A disclaimer
  3. A finishing form upon completion

We will also require your permission to make photographic record. This will not involve full- face photographs.

What does the treatment involve?
The treatment is very simple. The ozone is a gas and the affected area is bathed using a silicone cup. It only takes 40-60 seconds of application. There is a mild tickling sensation. That is it!

What is Healozone®? Is it safe?
The Healozone® is the only CE certified, Ozone generating device for use in Dentistry. The unit will only produce ozone when a seal is established. After application, all ozone generated is then sucked back out and converted to harmless oxygen. The procedure is safe.

What do I do next?
We would request that you make a note of your experiences and submit it at the recall visit, usually 48 hours later.

Will I have to pay?
No fee is charged. We will however levy a refundable deposit of £30.00. This will be returned to you at your review visit.

Will you treat any other conditions, such as Shingles?
This trial is only limited to Cold sores around the mouth. (Herpes Labialis)

How long will the trial last for?
We will include about 50 cases on a first come basis.

What are the expected outcomes?
Our initial results are very exciting. We have 24 hour cures for very early eruptions. As one would expect, there is reduced success for established sores. We are still awaiting results for our other criteria

The initial trial will include 50 patients. To register your interest online, click here.

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