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Daily Mail article

Mouth Ulcers & Healozone

It is estimated that 1 in 5 people suffer from mouth ulcers. The incidence is probably higher in younger age groups, especially teenagers.

What are mouth ulcers?
Mouth ulcers are small painful sores that occur on the tongue or the lips and cheeks. They can range from a small size (minor) to large lesions up to 10 mm. across (major). Then occur singly or in clusters.

Mouth Ulcer (lip)

  Mouth Ulcer (tongue)

What causes mouth ulcers?
No single cause has been found for mouth ulcers. Traumas such as cheek biting, orthodontic braces, etc., are an obvious cause. But certain ulcers form for no apparent reason. Usually being “run down” will lead to a higher incidence of mouth ulcers.

Are they contagious?
No, commonly occurring mouth ulcers are not passed on.

What treatment is there for mouth Ulcers?
There is no actual “cure”. The only treatments are:

  1. To obtain relief from pain
  2. To reduce the infection and so speed up healing

Mouth Ulcers and Healozone

Patient KB : A painful mouth ulcer.

  Patient KB's diary:

Day 1. Ozone applied for 40 secs. "Pain subsided immediately."

Day 2. "Ulcer still there but there is no pain or discomfort."

Day 3. "Ulcer is less visible but there is no pain."

Day 4. "Ulcer is barely visible, no pain."

Healozone is being used by “Pathfinder” Dentists to reduce the infection and to speed up the healing.

Research is still being documented so this data is subjective to personal experience at Dental Clinique.

Early indications show that pain relief occurs rapidly (within 12-24 hours) and that healing time is dramatically reduced (within 48 hours is average)

How can I obtain this treatment and how much will it cost?
Treatment involves the painless application of Healozone onto the lesion.

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