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Ozone Treatment

Daily Mail article

Daily Mail article

Cold Sores & Healozone

  • This painful eruption is caused by a viral infection.
  • The cold sore is subjected to 30-40 seconds with “Healozone”.
  • Ozone is extremely effective in killing the active virus. Early indications show that there is a much reduced healing time. Re-eruptions can occur.
  • Research is still in its early stages.
Cold Sore (lip)

  Cold Sore (tongue)

Free Treatment for Cold Sores

An Invitation to help us help you.

We are conducting a survey to collect data for the treatment of the above using Ozone.

Our data will be pooled and our research can pioneer and help bring relief to many. The medical implications of this survey are obvious.

The treatment is completely safe and very simple. We will simply apply ozone onto the lesion for 40 seconds using a silicone cup. It is simple, quick and painless.

In return, patients willing to help will NOT be charged.

The following simple criteria will apply:

  1. The Cold Sore cannot be more than three days old.
  2. A refundable deposit of £30.00 will be levied and returned at the follow up visit 48 hours later.
  3. A short questionnaire will be required to be filled at each visit.
  4. We would like your consent to photograph before and after application. (The ulcer only, no full face pictures)

If you would like to help us help you, please contact our practice on 020 8675 7307 and quote “Healozone Mouth trial”.

The appointments will be made after 5.30 p.m. on Tuesday with a follow up on Thursday. It will take approximately 15 min. of your time per visit.

The initial trial will include 50 patients. To register your interest online, click here.

Free Treatment

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