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How does ozone work?

Ozone works by inactivating bacteria, viruses and fungi. Ozone also assists the process of re-mineralisation.

  • Ozone will attack bacteria and viruses that have no enzyme coating, as well as targeting diseased human cells (with deficient cell wall enzymes and/or disrupted DNA or RNA strands

  • Ozone kills the micro organisms that cause an acidic pH in the mouth which impedes re-mineralisation. This allows the oral pH levels to return to normal, thus allowing natural re-mineralisation by calcium, fluoride, phosphates etc. to occur

  • Proteins (Amino Acids) strongly adhere to all exposed dental surfaces. Here they also impede re-mineralisation. Ozone “cleaves” or breaks down the chains that bind Amino Acids together, thus dislodging them from their niche environment. Re-mineralisation can thus occur more easily.
    (Is this the mechanism that can is responsible for the pain relief associated after using Ozone on “Cracked Tooth syndrome” & “Sensitive cementum” etc.)

  • Waste products of micro organisms include Pyruvic Acid, which provides a niche environment for “acidogenic” & “acidoduric” organisms. Ozone oxidises the Pyruvic Acid, turning it into neutral Acetate & CO2. Non-parasitic bacteria may then colonise the lesion, without undue concern – the patient has bought some more time to alter their diet and/or oral hygiene regimen


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