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Research Summary Table

Efficacy of ozone on survival and permeability of oral microorganisms

by M Nagayoshi, T Fukuizumi, C Kitamura, J Yano, M Terashita, T Nishihara

Safe, effective, low-cost treatments for many diseases, including HIV and cancer

Ozone Treatment of Primary Occlusal Pit and Fissure Caries (POPFC):
12-Months Clinical Severity Changes.

by L Abu-Naba'a, H Al Shorman and E Lynch

Ozone Efficacy in Treatment of Occlusal Caries in Primary Teeth
by Ot Abu-Salem, MM Marashdeh and E Lynch

Ozone management of occlusal pit and fissure caries (PFC): 12-month review
by L Abu-Naba'a, H AL Shorman and E Lynch

Introducing Diagnodent
by Dipak Joshi

Economic Savings Treating Root Caries with Ozone or Air Abrasion
By H Domingo, J Holmes, L Abu-Naba'a, H Al Shorman, A Baysan and R Freeman

Clinical reversal of root caries using ozone
By E Lynch, N Johnson and J Johnson

In-Vivo Reversal of Occlusal Caries with Ozone after Six Months
By G Megighian and L Bertolini

Ability of Therapeutic Levels of Ozone to Oxidatively Consume Biomolecules
By C Smith, M Grootveld, C Silwood, L Abu-Naba'a, H Al Shorman and E Lynch

Oxidative Consumption of Root Caries Biomolecules by Ozone
By M Grootveld, J Holmes, N Johnson,C Silwood, A Baysan and E Lynch

Ozone Treatment of Root Caries after 21-Months
By J C Holmes

Restoration of ART and Ozone treated primary root carious lesions
By Julian Holmes

Restoration of Ozone treated carious lesions
By L Steier

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