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Restoration of Ozone treated carious lesions
By L Steier
Dental Clinic, Mayen, Germany
Some Dentists are currently treating stained carious lesions with Ozone without placing any restoration whilst others are bonding composite resin on top of the Ozone treated stained lesion.

Objectives: The aim of this study was to assess the placement time required and durability of restorations placed on Ozone treated carious lesions as well as to assess the aestetics of these restorations from a Patients perspective.

Methods: 100 lesions in 50 subjects (2 per subject) were treated with Ozone from the HealOzone system (KaVo, Germany) for 40 seconds. Immediately after Ozone treatment, 50 randomly chosen lesions (1 per subject) were etched for 15 seconds with 37% Phosphoric Acid Etching Gel and sealed with Nano-Bond Adhesive (Pentron Clinical Technologies,Wallingford, CT USA 06492), cured using Ultralume 5 (Ultradent Products, South Jordan, Utah 84095) for 20 seconds, and Simile Nano-hybrid Composite (Pentron) was placed and cured for 20 seconds. The remaining 50 Ozone treated lesions served as controls.

Results: The mean (SD) time required to Ozone treat and place a restoration was 3 (1) minutes. After 6 weeks, 100% of all restorations scored alpha in every recorded USPHS criteria. The test lesions were scored aesthetically as excellent in appearance in 100% of cases whilst the control lesions were scored aesthetically as excellent in only 10% of cases (P<0.01).

Conclusions: An Ozone treatment and subsequent restoration can be completed in 3 minutes and the early results of aesthetically improving the appearance of Ozone treated stained caries are excellent using the above technique and materials and the restorations are durable.

Topic: Dental Materials: IV - Clinical Trials

Keywords: Dental materials, Therapeutics, Clinical trials, Composites, Aesthetics

First Author

Liviu Steier, BDS, Dental Clinic, Mayen, Germany

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