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Ozone Treatment

What does the treatment involve?

There are four phases to the treatment

  1. Diagnosis
  2. The “Treatment” phase-Application of Ozone
  3. The “Healing” phase- Re-mineralisation
  4. The “Repair” phase-Permanent restoration

1. Diagnosis

This is the process of attempting to locate the earliest stage of tooth decay. This includes visual examination and scoring. Use of DIAGNOdent® Laser scans, if necessary, digital x-rays are taken and sometimes a photographic record is kept. Having determined the nature and extent of the damage we can prepare a schedule of treatment and an estimate of the cost.

2. The "Treatment" phase
Application of the Ozone

Ozone will kill the bacteria causing the dental decay. Once the bacteria are killed, bacterial acids are no longer produced. This will stop any further damage.

3. The "Healing" Phase
Remineralisation or re-hardening of the damaged tooth

The Calcium from the saliva and re-mineralising toothpastes can soak back into the softened, damaged tooth. This process is made more efficient in the presence of Fluoride. The remineralised tooth does not have to be “drilled” away, and acts as a natural barrier. This process can take 4-6 weeks.

4. The "Repair" Phase
Placement of a permanent restoration

  • In small lesions this process is not necessary.
  • In medium and large lesions the damaged tooth needs to be repaired.
  • Traditional restorations can now be placed over the healed tooth to restore function. The nature and size of the restoration depends on the size of the cavity.
  • In adults, very small “white” fillings which are placed with minimum effort and no pain are usually sufficient


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