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Ozone Treatment

Medium Lesions

With slightly larger lesions, some minimal intervention without injections may be required to “open up the enamel” and allow the ozone to access and bathe the larger lesion.

This procedure is also painless.

This will need to be sealed with a new material, FUJI 7

With established decay and medium cavities:

  • Traditional techniques apply.
  • Anaesthetic will be required and the main portion of the decay should be removed. However, the tooth drilling is reduced and the risk of decay being left behind is eliminated.
  • The tooth is sealed with a new material, FUJI 7. This material is extremely rich in Fluoride and will allow Calcium from the saliva to permeate through. The cavity or “wound” can now heal for 4-6 weeks. The process of re-hardening is allowed to complete.
  • After 4-6 weeks, the Fuji 7 is removed, the tooth assessed for decay and hardening and a permanent restoration is placed on the “healed” tooth.
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