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What is Ozone ?  
What Does Ozone Do ?  
Ozone is Healthy ?  
Where is Ozone used ?  
Ozone Safety ?  
Ozone in Water ?  
More Information ?  

Where Is Ozone Used?

  • Los Angeles, California has the largest ozone drinking water treatment plant in the world.
  • Most bottled water is purified by ozone.
  • Ozone is used to clean waste water and toxic waste.
  • Ozone purifies water in well and home drinking water systems.
  • Ozone systems have brought life back to “dead” contaminated lakes and pools.
  • Ozone is used to purify air in hotel rooms, boats, cars, and smoke/fire damaged structures.
  • Ozone is used in thousands of residential and commercial pools and spas all over the world.
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